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Nissan Avenir History
Avenir HistoryThe Nissan Avenir is a line of station wagons beginning production in 1990 by Nissan of Japan. It was initially a station wagon version of the Nissan Primera, but was eventually spun off into its own line in 1998. The nameplate was seen in Japan, New Zealand, Russia and other countries importing used JDM cars.

It has a lower budget version - the Nissan Expert which is still in production.

Since the beginning of production this model had body type Wagon.

UA-W11, TA-RW11, TA-RNW11Aug 2002
TA-W11, GF-PW11, GF-PNW11May 2001
GF-PW11, GF-PNW11Oct 2000
TA-W11, GF-PW11, GF-PNW11May 2000
GF-PW11, GF-PNW11Oct 1999
GF-W11, KH-SW11, GF-PW11, GF-PNW11Aug 1998
E-W10, KD-SW10, E-PW10, E-PNW10Jan 1997
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